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Home From Rome, Inc. was established in 2005 by Maureen McQuillan, together with Eastern European blacksmiths in Orlando Florida. Together we have established a thriving business creating and designing beautiful custom staircases, balconies, gates, chandeliers and the list goes on. We can create anything from iron, stainless steel or aluminum. We work one on one with designers, builders, and homeowners. Home From Rome has established a great reputation for quality, on time service, and fair pricing. Our company goal is to “wow” our customers.


We Offer Beautiful Custom Metal Produced by Highly Skilled Artisans

The elegance and beauty of Old World metals is captured in our welding shop. No other technique could transform lines into art as well as wrought iron. Artistic Blacksmithing is what we do. Let us create your vision. Wrought iron is iron with a low carbon content that can be forged and welded. Wrought iron is formed by heating and bending steel. This term is also used to describe a style of furniture and/or metalwork. Most items that are termed “wrought iron” are actually mild steel. The majority of our products are made from mild steel and cast steel, which are weldable and malleable. We also have products made from cast iron, cast aluminum, and extruded aluminum.


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